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NYLP Events | Investing in Art and Art Collecting: Beginner's Guide

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Thank you to everyone who joined us for "Investing in Art and Art Collecting: Beginner's Guide" presented by the New York Lithuanian Professionals Club and the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Lithuania to the United Nations. It was a pleasure to have Ornela Ramasauskaite (artXchange Global), an International Marketing Professional and Art Investment Expert, as our keynote speaker. Her knowledge and perspectives were priceless in educating us on the fundamental aspects of purchasing and investing in art.

We would also like to thank our panelists, Andrew Weinstein and Agne Skinderskyte from Magellanic Advisory, for sharing their knowledge and experience on the acquisition and sale of fine art. Their perspectives provided a unique and enriching discussion that gave attendees a better understanding of the art market.

We hope that everyone who attended this event gained a better understanding of the art world and learned some key strategies for investing in and collecting art. Thank you again to all of our speakers, the ambassador Rytis Paulauskas and Andrius Neviera for making this event possible, and we look forward to hosting more informative events like this in the future.


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